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Good Treatment for Complex Fractures

What are Complex Fractures?

Complex Fractures include broken bones that result in significant joint damage, multiple broken bones, bone breakage that results in the loss of native bone, and fractures that harm the tissues that surround the skin, muscle, nerves, and blood vessels.

Who will develop Complex Fractures?

A complex fracture occurs when a bone is broken into several pieces and the soft tissues in the area are severely harmed. Athletes and the elderly are more prone to these fractures. While a complex fracture can occur anywhere on the body and to anyone, women in their sixties are five times more likely than men to experience one in their wrists. 

A child who sustains a complex fracture will require specialised care to ensure that the break won’t affect their bone growth. Since children’s bodies are still developing, injuries to them can be much more serious than those to adults.

When is surgery for Complex Fractures recommended?

Complex Fractures are unique for every patient, but surgery will be necessary in many cases. Depending on where the injury occured, the surgeon can treat the complex fracture in a variety of ways.

Based on the severity of the fracture and its location in the body, your physician will create a customised treatment plan to help you heal as quickly as possible. Your surgeon will use screws and pins to stabilise the various bone fragments, torn ligaments, and torn tendons that are present in a complex fracture.

The following factors are responsible for Complex Fractures: 

  • High-speed injuries (Road traffic accidents)
  • Fall from height ( High-rise buildings and construction sites)
  • Brutal assault
  • Long-lasting joint dislocation
  • Multiple fractures to the same bone
  • Experiencing severe bone loss
  • Bone is slowly fragmenting or breaking down
  • Severe tissue damage
  • Cartilage damage 

How long does the recovery from Complex Fractures take?

If you are going through a complex fracture, you know how painful the injury is. Even though recovering from a complex fracture may not be easy, with a little patience and an experienced doctor, you’ll be feeling better in no time. 

Understanding the recovery time following a complex fracture will help you prepare for the lengthy healing process. The condition, the severity of the state, and the treatment can all influence recovery. The recovery process from the complex fracture surgery can take up to several months. 

What is the rehabilitation procedure for Complex Fractures?

You will require rehabilitation to fully regain your range of motion in the injured area once the injury has healed. Based on the nature and location of the injury, your doctor will create a customised rehabilitation plan. This programme will help the muscles become more flexible and strong by using gentle stretches, different exercises, and other physical therapy techniques.

Patients recover at different rates, but if all goes well, the fracture should be fully healed in about two months.

It’s important to seek medical attention immediately if you think you may have suffered a complex fracture. Your doctor will conduct a number of physical examinations and may also decide to order an MRI to better identify and treat the injury.


  • High-Velocity Injuries(Road Traffic accidents)
  • Fall from Height( High Rise buildings/Construction sites)
  • Physical Assault
  • Prolonged joint dislocation
  • Multiple fractures to the same bone
  • Experiencing severe bone loss
  • Bone is slowly fragmenting or breaking down
  • Severe tissue damage
  • Cartilage damage 

It takes several hours.

The recovery depends on the condition, the severity of the state, and the treatment. It can take up to months to recover from the complex fracture surgery. 

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