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What is ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

ACL reconstruction is a surgical procedure used to repair a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), a major ligament in the knee. The ACL is a band of tissue that links one bone to another inside the knee. ACL injuries occur when the ACL stretches or tears, most commonly in sports involving sudden stops and quick changes in direction like football, volleyball, soccer, and basketball.

What happens during ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

The torn ligament is removed during ACL reconstruction surgery and replaced with a tendon, which is a band of tissue that links muscle to bone. A graft is nothing but a tendon implanted in your knee. The graft tendon is either taken from a deceased donor or from another part of your body (another knee, thigh, or hamstring), or it is synthetic. The goal is to restore the stability of the injured knee and its full range of motion before it was injured. 

The procedure can be done under either general or regional anaesthesia. The first step is to position the graft correctly and then drill two holes (tunnels). The surgeon will insert one above the knee and one below it. Screws are then inserted into the tunnels to secure the graft. It acts as a kind of bridge, allowing a new ligament to grow as you heal. It may take months to fully develop a new ACL.

When is ACL Reconstruction Surgery recommended?

ACL Reconstruction Surgery in Hyderabad is an outpatient procedure undertaken by an orthopaedic surgeon – a specialist in bone and joint surgery. It is especially advised for the following reasons:

  • Anyone who is actively involved in sports.
  • Chronic knee pain that does not improve with medications or other treatments.
  • Knee injuries that occur during physical activities like running, walking, workouts, etc.

What are the types of ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

When your doctor replaces your torn ACL, he or she inserts a tendon in its place. (Tendons are the connective tissue that links muscle to bone.) A graft is a tendon inserted into your knee. ACL Reconstruction Surgery can utilise three types of grafts:

  • Autograft: Your doctor uses a tendon from another part of your body, such as your other knee, hamstring, or thigh.
  • Allograft: This graft uses tissue from a donor.
  • Synthetic: This is when artificial fibres such as silver or silk are used to replace the tendon.  

How long does it take to recover from ACL Replacement Surgery?

Depending on the severity of the surgery, recovery can take several weeks. Your doctor may advise you to elevate your knee on pillows, apply ice to it, and wrap it in a bandage to keep it compressed. You’ll most likely need crutches to relieve pressure on your knee when walking.


  • Actively involved in sports.
  • Long-standing knee pain that does not get better with medications and other treatments.
  • Sustained knee injuries during physical activities like running, walking, etc.

It takes less than 2 hours.

The recovery can take up to a few weeks depending on the severity of the surgery. 

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